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Jelena Samonina, PhD
Chemistry Department

Contact Information

University of Virginia

Department of Chemistry

409 McCormick Rd
P.O. Box 400319

Charlottesville, VA 22904


For Students

I am passionate about teaching, mentoring and advising. I design my courses to motivate and excite students through active learning. My teaching style effectively engages the students and encourage them to develop into future thinkers, inventors, and researchers, whether it be in industry, academia, or public service.

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For General Faculty

I am honored to represent the UVA General Faculty as the Member at-Large of the General Faculty Council. I strongly believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion and as a General Faculty Council member my goal is to:

  • represent, advocate, and facilitate a better communication between General Faculty and Administrators as well as Tenured Faculty,

  • enhance visibility and appreciation of General Faculty within all UVa Schools,

  • improve and expand communication between Academic, Administrative and Professional Research General Faculty and continue building a GF community,

  • help General Faculty in finding resources for teaching, research, and personal development.


I will be happy to meet with you personally and talk about your concerns, ideas, and suggestions so that we all together could bring our workplace, our community, and our University to the new levels of excellence.


Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions (

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